Wild Ginger Thai Restaurant

In the words of the owner of Wild Ginger Thai Restaurant,

“Thai food is known to be chilli-hot but traditional thai dishes must not be predominantly hot. There must always be a harmony in a dish. The sharpness of  the chillis in a curry dish is toned down by the sweetness of the coconut cream. The textures and the fragrances of herbs which also enhance the flavours and tastes of the fish sauce and other delicate ingredients.

Dinner, the main meal, consists of at least three dishes with rice. Dishes are not courses but served all at the same time. One should take a mouthful of this and that in whatever order one prefers”

Chalie Amatyakul

In May 2012 Wild Ginger was ranked number 4 in Tripadvisor of 18 restaurants in Mount Gambier.

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17 Commercial Street West Mount Gambier