The soft light of winter

The International and Sandpiper motels recently played host to a large film production crew making a TV commercial for the new Ford Territory.

Most years in mid winter we host at least one production crew, almost always making car advertisements. The Great Ocean Road is certainly a spectacular backdrop for such filming, but why the middle of winter? In our experience some crews have had to wait for days for good weather. 2011 was no exception with rain for most of the first day and the TV shooting schedule running into a third day.

The answer is the quality of winter light. We don’t quite know what that means technically, but the soft light and long shadows of a sunny winter day cannot help but set your mind at ease. It is a serene time of year.

And back on the TV production crews, our best story came from a Korean crew that shipped a Korean car to Australia to film an advertisement for the China market. The car was not a model available in Australia. On the second morning a very pallid looking Korean production manager came to Reception to ask if there was a “premium car repairer in Apollo Bay“. He was stricken by the reply. They had crashed the car and had no backup for filming. The whole crew packed up and returned a month later with two cars to do the advertisement. Wow!!

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