Portland to Nelson

This is an interesting drive between Portland and Nelson with a mixture of pine plantations, short gravel road side excursions to lakes near the dunes, and some panoramic views over what seem like endless forests meeting white sand dunes and the sea.  And the wildlife surprises can delight you.  The pictures are a little amateurish, but we had little time to change lenses to catch a group of 5 emus wandering and feeding along the verge.  Through the pine plantations the fire breaks leave about 40 metres of grassy land on either side of the road; a ready made pasture for kangaroos and emus.  On this early afternoon drive we saw large kangaroos on the tree line and the emus in the pictures.  Most of the action would be at twilight and night, but that would be a very bad time to be on this road.  The size of some of the wildlife would mean high risk driving at night.  And you would miss the panorama.

Plan your day to be through this area by late afternoon.


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Kentbruck Mt Richmond