Nelson is where the Glenelg River reaches the sea. It’s at the very start (or the end) of the Great Ocean Road, just an hour’s drive from Portland; a charming village with a relaxed atmosphere offering fantastic outdoor and water activities.

The Glenelg River rises in the Grampians some 400 kms to the north and when it reaches the sea its placid waters are ideal for canoeing and fishing from the special camping grounds specially equipped for extended stays. The village is well equipped with boat launching ramps along the river.

The Princess Margaret Rose Cave is just a short trip up the river where you can descend in to a subterranean world of stalagmites and stalactites up to 6m in length. A river cruise will take you through a spectacular 50m deep gorge.

On the ocean side of the village is Discovery Bay; a coastal park which includes a 50km long beach and some of the largest and whitest sand dunes you will ever see.  On the inland side of the dunes are large pine forests, so you need to look out for access roads.

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