Mount Gambier

The region around Mount Gambier is dotted with pristine freshwater lakes, some with very deep caves, that are the consequence of ancient volcanic activity. The city itself developed among craters, lakes and caves and was built on the slopes of an extinct volcano. The Blue Lake has filled the largest of three volcanic craters and puts on a real show from November, when the water becomes a brilliant turquoise blue.

Nearby in the reserve of Valley Lake is Centenary Tower with spectacular views of the lakes, city and countryside. Opened in 1904, the tower includes an extensive display of early photographs of the Lakes area.  The tower is open when the flag is flying

Cave Gardens in the city centre and the Umpherston Sinkhole just away from the centre are accessible for walking and sight seeing.

For those choosing to stay overnight in Mt Gambier there is a wide range of accommodation types, extensive shopping precincts, and a variety of restaurants, pubs and cafes.

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