Apollo Bay Music Festival

The Apollo Bay Music Festival is set along the foreshore in the middle of Apollo Bay. It’s a somewhat medieval panorama of large and small tent venues, along with all the service stalls, food and wine, and kids entertainment. The surf club on the foreshore along with restaurants and pubs along the Great Ocean Road provide more venues and complete the scene

We operate Comfort Inn The International right in the middle of the music Festival. We have always enjoyed the festival both for the music itself and particularly because of how much our guests enjoy the experience. We are fortunate in operating a motel that deals mainly with people on holidays, so most guests are in a pretty happy frame of mind.

Music lovers seem just that extra little bit happy. This year we got off to a good start with a fine and warm day on the Friday. The opening parade was its usual mix of school kids in dress-up mode and their parents, babies in prams, organizers and volunteers in all their glory and early arrivals for the festival. This year we didn’t have an out-there musical accompaniment come marching band. That usually adds lots of colour and the outfits remind me of a ‘Merlin’ set.

Some years ago the festival was probably more blues than anything, always with something very different. I remember one year going to the Mechanics Institute to watch a Flamenco group with dancers straight from Barcelona. It was hard to believe for us, and probably harder for them.

These days the festival ranges through blues, R&B, rock, and jazz, all the way to hip hop and classical. The organizers have evolved from enthusiastic passionate amateurs to a thoroughly professional group and the festival has appealed to a wider audience in recent years. ABC Radio has a significant involvement both in promoting the event and participating.

It rained on Saturday and Sunday, but the festival goers were undeterred. The endless flow of happy faces just continued under umbrellas. Organisers worried for the stall holders, but it looked like the browsing continued at a busy pace. The festival hosted a much wider range of stalls this year and I think it added to the village.

I am no music buff, so I won’t run a commentary on the festival content. Suffice to observe that it sounded mostly very good.

This unusual weekend for us ended in what has become its usual way. Almost all the guests booked again for next year even before dates are known. It really is unique for us to have a full house over as yet undetermined dates one year in advance. You need to book your accommodation in Apollo Bay for the 2012 Music Festival as soon as dates are released.

Congratulations to the organizers and volunteers for creating and sustaining such a fantastic festival weekend.

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